Senin, September 27, 2004

"Saur Sepuh" Theme

Tired of calling mpus to all my kittens, finally I have names for each of them. I thought it could be fun to have a theme name for the kittens. So I remembered "Saur Sepuh" an epic that was familiar to almost Indonesian people - as far as I was concerned. First the story might have been heard from local radio then it become more famous when the epic went to a colossal film. At that time I was a little boy :)

I simply call Si Ndut (Fatty Mom) for the mother. She kittened 3 males and a female. Sadly, the youngest was already dead. He was unable to compete with his brothers and sister sucking his mother's milk. He was indeed premature. However I already gave him a name though. His name was "Raden Bentar".

I call "Brahma Kumbara" for the oldest male. I simply call him "Bram" for short. Sounds good, right? :D I like calling "Arya Kamandanu" for his brother. ""Ary" or "Danu" is his nick. I think "Sakawuni" is a proper name for the female. Her nick is "Say" but it is not necessary to call her "Sakaw" :D You know the meaning, don't you? ;)

I would like to apologize to every one who has the same name to all my kittens.

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

William Shakespeare

Kamis, September 23, 2004


"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything."

Muhammad Ali

Rabu, September 22, 2004

Newborn Kittens Need to be Adopted

Sorry mum, I'll give your kids to anyone who'll look after them...

A neglected-cat just kittened this morning in front of my house. Unfortunately, I am not able to look after any of the four newborn kittens. I already have Mudreg and I am afraid he's going to be jealous. Any cat lovers, particularly live in South Jakarta or Depok, who have willingness to look after and treat with love any of them, I am pleased to give them away. Please contact me here and I will bring the kittens to your home.

Senin, September 20, 2004

I'm Free to Decide

I look up to any decision of Indonesian people to choose their president. But, I have my own decision not to choose one of the two candidates. Instead, I chose my own fictive choice though :D

I am totally dissappointed with the two candidates. No one has explained and described their work schedule and master plan for the following five years completely. I also have been waiting for the announcement of their 'ministers wanna be' that will occupy in the next cabinet. But they never did it completely. If only they had done that I would have changed my mind. They just showed off...

Whoever the president is, corruptors must be punished to the pinalty death! The request looks simple but it has more complexities than any president could handle.

I prefer SBY and Hasyim :P
I prefer SBY and Hasyim duet. Unfortunately it's just my bizzare thought :P

Minggu, September 19, 2004

Tyson's Wise Word

"Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It's like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can't control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. If you can control your fear, it makes you more alert, like a deer coming across the lawn."

Mike Tyson

Sabtu, September 18, 2004

Serious Games

For years, we have been being excited and amused by playing games (the term 'games' refers to game software that runs under any console boxes and computers). Indeed, we are always passionate and addicted even for the most modest games. There are many types of games available from simply aging 2-D graphic games such as DIGGER to sophisticated and advanced flight-simulator games. However, I am not so keen on playing games but I still remember the day I hooked and stuck staring the screen just playing minesweeper all day long.

In the beginning, games played by maniacs and hobbyist prefer games rather their opposite sex :-). Later on, several local and international organizations have managed many tournaments competing great amount of prices. Winners also get acknowledgement and prestige. FYI, this dude has made over $100K in a year from gaming. Now there are professional gamers who earn salary by playing games in the office hours. Games companies pay them to criticize and analyze many weak points that exist on the games which are about to launch in the market.

Again, games industries have moved toward its pace to have wider audiences. It started when military simulation software that ran under heavy workstation computer ported to personal computer. People could learn from how to ride certain vehicles. The SIMS era was also breeding. People can seriously learn how to manage city, transportation, amusing parks, roller coaster, and many more. The industry realizes that it could be handled more sophisticated.

Instead of having popular games title such as Doom, Quake, War Craft, The Sims, and many more. I was not surprised when I found this site. They focus on uses for games in exploring management and leadership challenges facing the public sector. Recently, they started a project called Games for health consisting of many professionals to develop. It demonstrates how game technology is advancing into professional fields particularly in medical fields. Somehow, in my humble opinion, some of their titles are bizarre and scary enough. Here are some of the titles, which I think not proper for gamers: Life & Death I, Life & Death II, and Epidemic.

To my conclusion, I think those serious games are different kind of methods to enhance teaching and learning. The games themselves won't heal the players when they get ill.

Hmm, will the games really make people healthy?

Jumat, September 17, 2004

Selasa, September 14, 2004

A Day with Mudreg

Me: "Yoo-hoo! Mudreg!"

Me: "Where are you? It's time for you to take a bath!"

Me: "Here you go! Oh okay! I love you too but don't sleep all day long!"

I love you too

Me: "See! You looked so dirty."

Mudreg: "Gosh, I am still sleepy! I'll hide somewhere."

Hiding from annoying guy

Me: "Don't run away from me!"

Hiding from annoying guy

Me: "Ah ha! Are you trying to hide from me. I know where you are though!"

Me: "Ha ha ha, bingo here you are again!"

Here you go Mudreg!

Mudreg: "Damn! I must try another way to avoid this annoying guy!"

Mudreg: "Hmm I got an idea! (A bulb illuminates over his head)"

Me: "Mudreg, don't play trick on me! I know where you are gonna hide."

Me: "Yoo-hoo, where are you?"

Me: "Ha ha Fool you! Don't pretend yourself as a rabbit. I don't pet a rabbit."

Pretending as a rabbit

Mudreg: "(sniff) I'll hide a gain!"

I can see your feet!

Me: "I see your feet though! Are you trying to hide from me again? It's useless."

Mudreg: "Okay! I give up! I hate water!"

Water time

Mudreg: "I hate water! I am soaked and freezing."

Dry up myself

Mudreg: "Now, I have to dry up myself!"

Mudreg: "It's over now! (Yawn) I am still sleepy."

Mudreg: "(Yawn) sleep well."

Time to sleep again

Me: "Cats! Don't sleep over my bag! Lazy cat!"

Jumat, September 10, 2004

Welcome Home My Precious Photoshop Book :)

It was in April 1998. The time was hard (the US$ sank Rupiah). I just came back from Singapore having few bucks left. However, the money was so precious to me. When I changed it to Rupiah, at that time, I could spend the money to buy a new up-to-date PC replacing my antique Amd486DX 100MHz with 16 MB of RAM and a 2MB VRAM 32-bit graphic card. Anyhow, I chose to spend the money to buy some good books.

I am always fascinated with graphic design and manipulation. Then I remembered this dude whose vision are about same with mine. For short then, we decided to go to old Glodok Plaza hunting for a good Photoshop book. Finally, we agreed to get this "Photoshop Channel Chops" book.

The book is still among the best Photoshop books ever. It attempts to write advanced topics about working with Alpha Channels, multi-channel documents, and the calculation commands.

I did not really know how this book had gone abroad from one person to other persons for six years. I had managed to read only few pages of ˜Introduction Chapter". Ha-ha, finally it was yesterday when the book came back to my home. Apparently, an old pal of this guy had borrowed the book and forgot to turn it back. Well, it's okay. At least lots of person could learn from and I could manage to finish the book again though :)

My precious Photoshop Book
Welcome home! Where have you been my dear? You look so bad now :(

Kamis, September 09, 2004

Oh No! Not Again!

I can still feel the pain of previous bombing tragedy in Bali and several places in Jakarta such as the Philipines Embassy, BEJ, and JW Marriott. Again, a massive and powerful bom explotion, took place closed to the Australian Embassy, brought disorder to Kuningan area in South Jakarta this morning at about 10:30 a.m. (9/9/2004).

The blast caused extensive damage to some high buildings that rise nearby in the location. Lots of vehicles within the bombing explotion are indeed wreck. Many people died and others are injured. What a great destruction.

huge blast at Kuningan district
What a huge blast (Apac Jakarta)!

Indonesia goes into mourning. We do not understand why this could happen to our country again and again. I don't know who really did this idiotic action. Is there any demonic-thought that came across to their deepest mind?

I express deep condolences to all victims. We condemn terrorism. Oh yeah, To Mr. Coward ups... sorry to Prime Minister Howard, please don't make this worse by your non-symphatic statements. We have been hurt so far with your country policy.

Not another tragedy
Not another tragedy (

Rabu, September 01, 2004


Feel blue everytime I hear this Koes Plus's Song


Hutan belantara
Banyak tersebar

Semua harta yang tak
Milik kita

Di sana tempatnya
Tanah idaman kita
Semua Tanah yang kaya
Bagai permata


Semua kagum olehnya
Tanah di katulistiwa
Bagi telah yang telah melihat Hati terpikat


The song narates how rich the Indonesian Archipelago is.
Where jungle is spread widely throughout Archipelago.
The unlimited riches that belong to Indonesian people.
The wealthy desired homeland as if the land of emerald.
All would be amazed for those who have seen the land of equator.

Indonesian natural-weatlh exploitation is in progress.
The song is now just the Indonesian glory in appearance only.

We're rich but poor.
We're big but small.
Who does Indonesia belong to?