Selasa, April 10, 2007

Have a good rest, You'll be fresh!

My previous post listed some programs and routines I do almost every day to get my weight ideal and make my physic on its top performance. Apparently, I still got an ill though! Thanks God, it only took a day off from the office. Nevertheless I was thinking what was going wrong then? Did I eat something unhealthy food or I didn't get enough time for rest?

I admitted that the illness came after I accompanied my younger brother being nursed in Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI). He got a terrible typhus. His activities as a mathematics assistant and as the head of students of mathematics departments made him suffered of free time. He had no controls on his food and rest time. I've told him many times to have a regular exercise to keep him fresh. However he obeyed my suggestion only a week before he got typhus. I think his 30-minutes-a-day of jogging was too late and made him more exhausted. I told him not to push too hard in the beginning. As a starting point he should have had only walked slowly and increased gradually the intensity of his exercise.

Well, enough with my younger brother's story and now back to laptop! Ups I mean back to my problem of having an illness :-D

My time of looking after my brother was in the night. While in the day I still went to the office. I found myself very hard to get sleep during my days in the hospital. To get worse, the air conditioner was centralized. I couldn't control the temperature to make the room warmer. It was only a thin jacket that covered my body from the blowing air conditioner.

Two successive days of having a night in the hospital made me sneezing. I realized that something bad was going to happen. The prediction was right though. I got a terrible headache 4 days later. Instead of having a hectic day in the office I decided to have a good rest at home. Yups I slept all day long just to pay my sleep deficit he he... Apparently my stamina gradually got better. So I think the problem was lacking of rest time.

What I am going to say here is having a good rest is a must for you to make you fresh and fit. It makes your body stronger to fight against diseases. So how to get a good rest? Well I think each person has its own way to get a good rest. I suggest not to get too forced and tensed with your work. Try to balance your work, exercise, rest, pleasure, and off course spiritual activities!

O ya I found a good suggestion from Reader's Digest on July 2006 edition. It says “Exercise like a kid! The more you enjoy exercising, the more likely you'll stick with it.” So start exercising now with your favorite ones!