Kamis, Desember 22, 2005

Sticking Photos on Freezer as Therapy

Sticking a poster, photos, or even notes on freezer is absolutely normal. I am sure some of you may have some special stuffs sticking on your freezer. Sure I also stick photos and recipes of cake and meal.

In the old time, when I was a young high school student, the photos I chose to stick were not the good, beautiful, or cute ones. Instead, I collected photos of unique and funny persons and decided to stick them on my freezer. Rhoma Irama was one of my victims. Several photos of him were successfully stuck. As far as I could remember, due to my insanity I even freeze Rhoma Iramas postcard into the freezer. At that time, when I came back from school, I would always be laughing loudly and felt great pleasure after looking his face. I didnt know how that custom could exist in my attitude. Maybe I just wanted to relax and release all annoying things happened during my day. To Mr. Rhoma, I apologize for what I have done in the past. Please forgive me! Peace. You are really a great dangdut singer. Yes King of Dangdut.

And now the level of my odd habit has decreased drastically. Since I became an uncle I chose to stick Alifya's photos.

Recent Alifya's photos
See! Her photos could always reduce my blood pressure.

Senin, Desember 19, 2005

Maple and Matlab Alternatives for Linux

Finally I found out OCTAVE as an alternative to MATLAB and MuPAD and MAXIMA as alternatives to Maple. I have not yet tried them though. So just I have to download them now. Soon, I hope all my computation needs could be done under Linux environment. :-)

Useful Ubuntu Related Sites

Since my previous post announcing that I was an Ubuntu newbie, I found many interesting Ubuntu related sites. Some were found from the digg site that listed 10 most popular Ubuntu sites. Anyhow, in my opinion, Paul Stamatiou's guides are excellent. It helps me a lot.

Minggu, Desember 11, 2005

TOEFL Preparation

For many Indonesian people who are lucky enough to have higher education (university or collage) would probably have been studing English for years. Correct me if I'm wrong, it would be at least 6 years studying English -3 years in Junior High School and 3 years in Senior High School. But still, few of them are get used to communicating in English -me also.

In my opinion, there must be something wrong regarding English pedagogy particulary in Indonesia. As far as I could remember, learning English was not fun and, frankly, one of some lessons I really wanted to avoid during my junior and senior high school classes. English class was really boring. I remembered the day when I was scolded by my parents after they knew my English mark was 5 (out of 10). It forced me to get extra English course though :D

Somehow, I realize that fluent in English is really important. I buy regularly National Geographic International Edition magazine. And I read a lot many English articles on the Internet. So far I think my English has improved. But I don't know the level of improvement. At least, now I seldom open my dictionary when I read English articles.

And the good news is that my bos has ordered me to have TOEFL course. My institution has payed all the course fee. To tell the truth I have never been involved in any TOEFL examinations. This will be my first TOEFL though. So I think this is a very great oportunity. I wonder how high my TOEFL score would be. Would it be under 500 or above 550? Well, I am so excited learning English now.

*opening my English Grammar page 90 "Key facts about tenses"*

Deodorant Please!

A perfect picture under a perfect place (yes, armpit I mean)! Simple, great, and creative ads... :-D

Deodorant please!

The pic above is taken from knuttz.