Kamis, Desember 30, 2004

Let's Avoid Useless New Year Party

Many people lost their beloved family, home, treasures, and goods because of the gigantic earthquake that triggered tsunami waves on last Sunday. According to media, currently more than 83 thousands lost their lives across South East Asia and Southern Asia countries. The death tolls are even estimated to reach more than a hundred thousands.

The problem is not over for those who survive particularly in NAD Indonesia. Although a large number of local and international aid groups have already arrived in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, their effort has been hampered by the wreck and damage infrastructures. Starvation and disease are threatening hundreds of thousands of survivors.

Not only are the Acehneses and Indonesia people mourning, but the whole world is also mourning. Therefore, for the sake of humanity let's cancel and avoid our plans to celebrate New Year parties. Do we deserve having an insane and crazy party on New Year while our brothers and sisters are suffering right now? Why don't we change our scheduled parties into nights of musing and praying?

Thanks to Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Badawi and Prime Minister of Thailand Taksin Sinawatra who have ordered their people to cancel New Year parties due to the national mourning on tsunami disaster.

I was totally disappointed, desperate, and angry to any Indonesian people who keep their New Year parties going on. According to detik, many hotels, private companies, and official government have refused to cancel the scheduled New Year parties. Jakarta's governor Sutiyoso even insists not to cancel the New Year party at Ancol beach festival. He said that it was difficult to cancel a party. Shame on you Sutiyoso! X-(

Hey president SBY will you follow Badawi and Taksin's pace?

Rabu, Desember 29, 2004

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

Go to the Wikipedia for the updated news about the catastrophe!

Tsunami Animation

Watch this great tsunami animation! Be careful for those who still use dial-up connection! Big file size (+1 MB)

Thanks Dik!

Malaysia Rocks!!!

Congrate for the Malaysia team for beating our national team 2-1. Your defance was rock solid. Kurniawan, Elly Eiboy, and Saktiawan were hopeless. I was disappointed that our national team underestimated the battle.

Wait for the photos I took at the vanue. Hey Malaysia! The battle is not over yet! Ellie Eboy, Boas, Ilham cs will take revenge. Go Indonesia go!

Crazy Fanatic Tifosi!
I always support you Indonesia!

Senin, Desember 27, 2004

Aid support for quake and tsunami in Aceh and North Sumatra

I just forward an email I just received

Aid support for quake and tsunami in Aceh and North Sumatra can be delivered via:

  • Indosiar
    Bank account in BCA, under the name of:
    Indosiar: 001 - 304 - 0009
  • RCTI
    Bank account in BCA under the name of
    RCTI: 128 - 300 -7000
  • Coordiator of People Welfare Rep. of Indonesia Bank account
    under the name of the Head of Welfare Bureau
    Name: I Nyoman Meweh Bank account in
    BNI Harmoni branch: 07 000 311 2717 911
  • Aid center in Halim Perdanakusuma and local Welfare Office
  • Telephone number for coordinator in Medan: 061 - 456 6524

Needed aids: Tents, Kitchen tools, Cemetery tools, medicine, baby foods, goods for women, generator set, clothes, blankets, fresh water.

Updated: Thx to bu Dokter Rosalina ;)

Annisa Foundation:

Ayo bersatu!

Bravo suporter Indonesia!
Bersatu dukung Tim Merah Putih!

Gambar diambil dari situs Jakmania (sedang tidak aktif)

Let's rock the Game

Gonna be the bloody match between Indonesia and Malaysia

Don't forget to watch the semi-final TigerCup 2004 match between Indonesia and Malaysia at Gelora Bung Karno Senayan on 28th December 2004. I'll be there!. Here's the ticket information.

Go Indonesia go! Bring the glory to the nation!


Catastrophe hits Indonesia and other Asia regions. Picture source:

So many problems hit Indonesia. One big problem has not yet been solved but other problems come up with fast pace. SBY's new goverment gets the hardest time to overcome. Their reputation and dedication is on the critical edge.

God shows his anger by giving catastrophe as a punishment to Indonesian people but others countries get the effects.

Rabu, Desember 22, 2004

Minggu, Desember 19, 2004


Luk, nih oleh-oleh aku dari Kenduri Cinta-nya Emha Ainun Najib tanggal 15 Desember kemarin. Sorry ya, abis dadakan sekali.

sayangku boleh gak aku pegang kamu
ha ha ha
sayangku boleh gak aku noel hidungmu
ha ha ha
sayangku udah malem nih...
ha ha ha
sayangku boleh gak aku...
minta ongkos pulang buat naek taksi
ha ha ha

Karya mbah Surip yang pancen Oye...

Di acara itu dihadiri antara lain oleh istri almarhum Munir mbak Suciwati, ketua kontras Usman Hamid, dan yang jelas Oneng Bajaj Baijuri eh salah Rieke Diah Pitaloka. Mbak Rieke membacakan puisi dan menyanyikan lagu berisikan semangat perjuangan membela kebenaran. Tentunya ini berhubungan dengan pengusutan kematian almarhum Munir yang dianggap tidak wajar.

Sampai ketemu di acara Kenduri Cinta tahun depan eh bulan depan ya! Mudah-mudahan Kyai Kanjeng udah bisa manggung biar bisa dengerin lengkingan suara jazz mas Ananto ;)

Kamis, Desember 16, 2004


This conversation is real. It happened couple years ago when I was in Singapore. Every time I remember this I would automatically have a grin making my face looks weirder (tambah kotak kayak kubus).

Singaporean: "Hi? You are from Indonesia ha?"

Dono: "Yes, I am."

Singaporean: "My name is Kenneth Lam and what's your name ha?"

Dono: "Dono"

Singaporean: "Hahaha don't be kidding lah! What's your name?"


Singaporean: "Huahahaha you like joke ha? Nice lah. Don't be kidding lah! I need your name."

Dono: "Dono Mr. Lam."

Singaporean: "Oh please, you don't know (pronounced DO NO) your name ha?"

Dono: "Haha It's my real name sir. D - O - N - O DONO. It's my Indonesian name."

Singaporean: "Haaaa :| ?"

There was a big lamented comedian whose name was Dono. Thus Dono is a common and popular name in Indonesia. Anyhow I am still not used to talking in English to any Singaporeans. Are you?

Minggu, Desember 12, 2004

Selamat Ya! ;-)

Achha Gredeina Inayati

Adekku Adinda tercinta

Maafkanlah kakanda selama ini.
Yang tidak dapat menggantikan almarhum ayahanda.

Lengkaplah sudah agamamu

Kakanda dan Ibunda kita tercinta
Sangat bahagia

Sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah

Achha dan Nanda taken by Tisna @2004

Hmm, Aye kapan ye? :D

I'm Stuck

Help me out! I'm stuck!

Senin, Desember 06, 2004

Bakso Guede

Do you already miss with this familiar picture? Click the picture to read my article at MyIndo.com. Are you drooling now? Hehe...

The Ultimate Super Bakso!

Thanks Fay! Look! Even an angkot has already become your biggest fan, hehe.

Fairy Mahdzan' biggest fan ;-)

Kamis, Desember 02, 2004

Pondok Indah At Night

Such a busy night at Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. There are currently two big projects: Constructing underpass to overcome the traffic jam and new Mega Mall to expand the most exclusive and famous shopping center in Jakarta, Pondok Indah Mall (PIM).

Constructing new underpass and mall, such a busy night

Jakartans are used to having this stressful traffic jam

Traffic jam (2 Dec 2004 19:16 GMT+7)

This lonely man is waiting for a Bus

Lonely man in a busy night