Minggu, Oktober 31, 2004

Being in a Part of a System

a system that consists of sub-systems

I got a good lesson from regular meeting at my office.

Take a look carefully at the picture above! It has a small wheel labeled with number 1 and two other big wheels labeled with number 2 and 3. It also has two rubbers (4 & 5) connected each wheel therefore whole wheels can rotate smoothly and the system works well then.

Now, can you figure out which sub-system that is the most important to support the whole system? The answer is none. Each sub-system has crucial function hence every sub-system is important and none is more important than the others. Even for the bagatelle rubbers sub-system that have tiny size and light weight. Once the rubbers get burned or cut off then the whole systems certainly fails to work.

So, never think what you are currently doing in your career or job is less important or more important than others. What you do depends on others work and what you do is needed by others. Therefore be serious and focus on what you are doing right now!

I have problems on that though :(

Kamis, Oktober 28, 2004

My First Experience Teaching Elementary School Kids

Couple days ago, I had a chance to tutor some kids from elementary and junior high school at a mosque near my home. I accepted to have a go there after having an invitation to be a volunteer from the prosperity council of mosque. The material I gave was simple and fundamental. It was 'how to operate a PC'.

You may think the job was bagatelle. It wasn't. Since most of the participants were from poor family and orphans. Few of them have really interacted with a computer. Therefore, I used extra energy. It could be proved during my tutor time. However, in my opinion, they already know how to define what a computer is in the modest way. At least, I am sure, they must have heard a stuff called 'computer' before.

The tutorial was separated into two groups based on their level, the elementary school group and the junior high school one. The elementary school group had more than 40 children and the other group had more than 20 children, sorry for not counting precisely :) I and another volunteer got the elementary school group. Each group had only 2 used and obsolete computers. Back to 486 processor era though. What a condition :-)

Okay, the interesting story just begun. First, I let my friend to explain what 'Folder' is. The class went enthusiast so I thought it would be okay. Then I decided to watch the other class for a while. Surprisingly, the class had not started yet. Apparently, one PC failed to start and the tutor seemed frustrated fixing it. Well, I helped him finding out the problem and asked him to start the class. The class went 'normal' after I overcame the problem. The two PC worked well then. The material for this class was 'Word Processing'. I noted that the tutor had limited knowledge about computer particularly the material he taught. However I appreciate his enormous spirit and motivation teaching kids. I thought at least the material was just how to align a paragraph. Therefore it was very basic and he explained it well.

Finally my tutor time came. I called one by one all kids to sit right beside me so they could 'touch' keyboard and mouse and look at monitor screen directly. Then I told them how to move a file from a folder to another. When I explained it they seemed understood. Surprisingly they didn't know how to operate and move a mouse though. Wow, their hands extremely hard to move the cursor to point certain buttons. It was forced me to teach what mouse is and how to operate it in order to navigate smoothly in a GUI environment. Not to mention the time needed just to write down their names using keyboard. They looked for each character one by one and used right-single-forefinger to press the character they aimed to use though. Well it took about two and a half hours to accomplish the tutorial including the practice.

First, what I am trying to say here is it needs extra energy to teach elementary school kids. The patience needed to handle their slowness to follow the materials I gave. The patience needed to overcome their naughtiness and loud noise they made during the class. Furthermore they come from poor family and orphans. The knowledge they have might have been as not much as those wealthy children. For instance, they didn't know how to move and operate a mouse. FYI, I already gave many lectures and I didn't find any difficulties since most of my classes had good materials knowledge.

Second, the gap between the rich and the poor still can be seen. The wealth can provide their children best education needs from expensive school to hiring private teacher. No wonder, there is a stereotype that education is just for wealthy people. There is little chance and opportunity for the poor children. They'd better find a job and loose their right to get education. Not to mention underdevelopment villages that really lack school. If only the new minister of education could have handled this. Thanks Lord for giving me many chances and opportunities having good education!

Third, I would like to give my deep respect to all elementary school teachers who dedicate their life for education. I don't know how they can get by having low salary from the government. They have family to feed and look after!

Last but not least, by this post, I would like to invite all readers to participate in education. Your help doesn't have to be in advance. I know some of us are not good at teaching. Our help could be simple and modest things such as donating old text books to orphan foundation or underdevelopment villages could help a lot.

al'Ilmu bilaa 'Amalin ka asy-Syajari Bilaa Tsamarin
Knowledge without spreading is just like a tree without fruits

Sabtu, Oktober 23, 2004

Born To Be A Sleeper?

It seems that some cat lovers already missed Mudreg and have requested more pictures of him. Since I am a novice in photography field, I still get difficulties to find interesting angles, compositions, moments, and so on just to take a single picture of Mudreg when he is awake. You know it is hard to ask Mudreg to freeze in a certain funny position. Is it possible to suddenly say this "Freeze! I am gonna take your pic!" to Mudreg when he poses in a funny and amusing manner? Ha-ha I don't think so :P For me, the easier way to take his pictures is when he is falling into a sleep. Definitely easy.

According to my maid and my incomplete observation, he usually sleeps over 11 hours in a day. Is cat really born to be a sleeper? Or maybe it's just my super duper lazy Mudreg, isn't it?

Okay, here's the lazy cat I took several days ago. Enjoy!

He felt comfortable lying on that chair and hence ready to sleep.

I am ready to sleep, whoah...!

Click the pics bellow to see their actual size.

Sleeping over my 'Kijang' minibusSleeping at my working room

Sleeping so deep on sofa

Which one do you like the most?

Sabtu, Oktober 16, 2004

Hadiah O2 dan CO2

Oksigen datang melimpah
Dari Sumatra dan Kalimantan

Kau memang payah
Pencuri parah

Permata Hijau kami kau gunduli
Pasirpun kau keruk

Ya sudah, beri bonus saja
Asap tebal yang menyesakkan

Senin, Oktober 11, 2004

Purworejo, Central Java Trip

Purworejo, a small town in west side of Yogyakarta

Dry Season = Hard Time for Farmer

Dry season in Purworejo, Central JavaAnother picture of dry season in Purworejo, Central Java

Legume Field = Planted to Subtitute Rice

Legume fieldAnother picture of legume field

Making a Devotional Visit to the Grave of Grand Father/Mother and Ancestor

An old man leading people to pray for the sake of our ancestorThe future home

Annual Culture Ceremony Before Ramadhan "The Fasting Month"

A man serving food for the crowdA group of people playing modest islamic music "Sholawatan"An old man hitting a drumCooking food with cordwood


Roof of the MosqueKindergarten building

Jumat, Oktober 08, 2004

Kenduri Cinta

Zulfikar told us his great impression about Kenduri Cinta (KC) he already attended. To tell the truth, KC on July was the last occasion I visited. I went there with Barlie, Faturrahman, Zul, and Luluk. It was three months ago. The last two occasions I was absent due to some ridiculous reasons. I think someone is already disappointed knowing that I am absolutely not able to visit the occasion again for the three times respectively. Sorry Sis, I think you should call barlie and ask him wheter he can go or not.

Yeah, My plane will take off to Jogja on Saturday at 7:00 AM. I am afraid that I will be extremely exhausted if I insist to come to KC. FYI, KC starts performing on Friday at 08:00 PM and will probably finish around 01:30 AM to 02:00 AM in the early morning. Frankly, I miss the performance of Kyai Kanjeng, Cak Nun, Taufik Ismail, Jose Rizal Manua, Ananto, Novia Kolopaking, and many more…

Additional links about KC and Emha Ainun Najib:

Senin, Oktober 04, 2004

Nyaman dan Hemat dengan RSS

Setelah dikasih wejangan dari abang seniman ini dan membaca tentang tips RSS di blog bapak kita semua, saya jadi ingin berbagi tip sekaligus menambahkan tentang cara yang mudah dan nyaman membaca blog-blog favorit kita. Tapi sebelumnya saya mohon minta maaf, apabila ternyata topik ini pernah dibahas seseorang dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Maklum jarang jalan-jalan sih :)

Well, kita mulai dulu dari definisi RSS aja ya. RSS merupakan singkatan dari RDF Site Summary. Sedangkan RDF sendiri singkatan dari Resource Description Network yang merupakan turunan XML dan digunakan untuk menjelaskan metadata. Nah metadata itu apa sih? Metadata itu ya data yang menjelaskan data juga. Hehe tambah bingungkan? Udah deh, back to topic, intinya RSS adalah sebuah format yang berisi rangkuman sebuah situs.

Lalu apa gunanya RSS itu? Seperti yang diterangin oleh Pak Enda, RSS memanjakan kita dalam membaca situs-situs atau blog-blog favorit kita. Kita tidak perlu mengunjungi situs-situs tersebut satu persatu. Cukup baca rangkumannya saja. Hemat waktu, bandwith, dan biaya tentunya.

Jika Pak Enda menggunakan BlogStreet guna merangkumkan halaman2 favoritnya. Di sini saya ingin menambahkan cara lain memanfaatkan RSS menggunakan tool-tool freeware. Yup, kita cukup memakai browser Firefox rilis terbaru dan RSS feed Client bernama Abilon.

Sekarang, gimana sih caranya mengetahui apakah suatu situs memiliki fasilitas RSS atau tidak? Gampang aja kok, biasanya mereka memiliki link url dan logo RSS pada halaman depan mereka. Sebagai contoh adalah blognya Pak Enda ini

link dan logo RSS Feed

Di sana terlihat dengan jelas tiga macam RSS dari versi 1.0 hingga versi atom. Detil ketiga versi tersebut tidak usah dijelaskan. - Jadiin PR aja ya, Ingat! Kumpulin besok sebelum pelajaran pertama dimulai!

RSS link di wired.com

Nah, di atas adalah contoh lain dari indikasi RSS dari situs Wired. Jadi, kalau ada indikasi RSS di suatu situs, berarti situs tersebut memiliki fasilitas RSS feed.

Tapi, ada juga loh, sebuah situs memiliki fitur RSS tapi enggak keliatan link atau logonya - Bisa jadi mata kita lagi siwer atau emang si webmaster gak nampilin. Jangan khawatir, dengan browser Firefox maka indikasi RSS suatu situs dapat langsung dilihat - karena posisinya sudah pasti berada di pojok kanan bawah. Ini nih gambarnya.

Indikasi RSS pada Firefox

Oke, lanjut ya? Langkah selanjutnya adalah mengambil rangkuman situs atau RSS kita ke dalam penampungannya. Nah penampungannya bisa ada macam-macam. Mulai dari browser open source Firefox hingga client RSS feeder canggih nan mahal. Karena keterbatasan biaya dan software yang dimiliki, jadi di sini hanya dibahas Mozilla Firefox dan Abilon.

Untuk Firefox, langkah pertama adalah dengan subscribe RSS sebuah fitus dan memasukkannya ke dalam bookmark. Klik icon RSS di pojok kanan bawah Firefox kemudian pilih subscribe ke 'RSS' atau 'Atom' (tidak semua situs mendukung semua versi RSS. Tenang! Firefox sudah mendukung semua versi RSS kok).

Subscribe RSS di Firefox ke dalam Bookmark

Maka akan muncul kotak dialog "Add Bookmark". Dari situ, silahkan masukkan ke dalam kategori bookmarknya masing-masing.

Add Feed sebagai Bookmark

Beres deh, kita tinggal membuka direktori Bookmark untuk mengetahui judul beberapa post terakhir dari situs favorit. Tinggal klik Bookmark di menu bar. Pada gambar di bawah adalah judul beberapa post terakhir dari blognya Pak Enda. Kita tinggal klik judul terbaru (ada di paling atas) atau yang menarik.

Hasil agregator Firefox

Gampang kan? Sekarang kita lanjut ke cara memanfaatkan Abilon News Agregator. Kalau belum punya download dulu aja ya. Biar lebih singkat, cara instalasi enngak dijelasin biar jadi PR lagi, :D.

Setelah sukses install Abilon, kita cukup membuat group baru atau Feed baru. Maka Abilon akan mengambilkan rangkuman suatu situs secara automatis untuk kita.

Klik File -> New -> Feeds Group untuk membuat group Feeds. Misalkan Buat group Feeds untuk Webblog.

Membuat Feed Group di Abilon

Masih berada di group Weblogs, kemudian klik File -> New -> RSS or Atom feed untuk mendapatkan news feed yang diinginkan.

Membuat Feed Atom di Abilon

Kalau sudah, tunggulah beberapa saat. Biarkan Abilon bekerja dan bingo! Inilah hasilnya.

Selamat mencoba, semoga jadi bersemangat membaca informasi yang bertebaran di Internet sambil menghemat waktu, bandwith, dan biaya. Mohon saran dan kritik apabila dalam penyampaiannya terdapat kesalahan.

Pesan untuk media-media Indonesia. Ditunggu nih aplikasi RSS-nya, biar kita-kita bisa menikmati liputan beritanya dengan nyaman dan hemat ;)


Ternyata Mozilla juga membahas artikel Live Bookmarks yang isinya sama dengan artikel ini. Ada tipsnya yang bermanfaat. Liat ya ;)

Sabtu, Oktober 02, 2004

Monyong bin Manyun

Mudreg monyong dulu sebelom nguap... huahh...

This is what Mudreg always does just before he yawns. He is "Monyong bin Manyun" or "Creeping his mouth badly". He looks ugly and brat doesn't he? His sobriquet now is "PELOR" which is abbreviation from "nemPEL molOR". It means he will easily sleep well when he's lying on something comfortable.

What a cat! :))