Kamis, Desember 30, 2004

Let's Avoid Useless New Year Party

Many people lost their beloved family, home, treasures, and goods because of the gigantic earthquake that triggered tsunami waves on last Sunday. According to media, currently more than 83 thousands lost their lives across South East Asia and Southern Asia countries. The death tolls are even estimated to reach more than a hundred thousands.

The problem is not over for those who survive particularly in NAD Indonesia. Although a large number of local and international aid groups have already arrived in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, their effort has been hampered by the wreck and damage infrastructures. Starvation and disease are threatening hundreds of thousands of survivors.

Not only are the Acehneses and Indonesia people mourning, but the whole world is also mourning. Therefore, for the sake of humanity let's cancel and avoid our plans to celebrate New Year parties. Do we deserve having an insane and crazy party on New Year while our brothers and sisters are suffering right now? Why don't we change our scheduled parties into nights of musing and praying?

Thanks to Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Badawi and Prime Minister of Thailand Taksin Sinawatra who have ordered their people to cancel New Year parties due to the national mourning on tsunami disaster.

I was totally disappointed, desperate, and angry to any Indonesian people who keep their New Year parties going on. According to detik, many hotels, private companies, and official government have refused to cancel the scheduled New Year parties. Jakarta's governor Sutiyoso even insists not to cancel the New Year party at Ancol beach festival. He said that it was difficult to cancel a party. Shame on you Sutiyoso! X-(

Hey president SBY will you follow Badawi and Taksin's pace?